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From pioneering to creating waves in smart retail


Kevin Yang

Yang Ziyi, founder of Tianyi Industrial Chain Technology Co., Ltd., has spent eight years cultivating the field of smart retail and creating a new wave. He is the first person to open up the smart vending machine market in Taiwan through O2O. Through continuous modification and optimization, resource integration, and improved logistics, he has led the brand to break through growth bottlenecks and reduce waste with innovative thinking. His successful business model has attracted well-known brands such as KFC, Watsons, Taipei City Government, and Yannick to join the new smart retail track.

Kevin Yang

About Mount Up


Resource integration to create Tianyi

Tianyi Industrial Chain

Combining past experience in the research and development of new generation smart vending machines, we provide customized software and hardware integration services.

We help corporate brands implement new retail concepts, create new business models, and aspire to become the best partner for corporate brands.


Strategic Goals


Professional technology innovation and breakthrough


We focus on software and hardware R&D investment and technological innovation to break through the industry's technological bottlenecks and achieve industry leadership.




Adhere to the strategic layout of industrial collaboration to achieve stable and efficient operation of the industrial chain.


Social Responsibility and Sustainable Development


We implement CSR (corporate social responsibility) and are committed to collaborating with the industry to achieve ESG (economy, social responsibility and environmental sustainability) goals.

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