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Can using smart vending machines reduce carbon charges?

Can using smart vending machines reduce carbon charges?

According to the Ministry of Environment's "Carbon Fee Collection Draft," Taiwan will begin levying a carbon fee in 2024. The first wave of carbon fees will be levied on businesses with annual carbon emissions exceeding 25,000 tons , and will then be gradually expanded to other carbon emitters such as small and medium-sized enterprises.

So can companies reduce carbon charges by using smart vending machines?

Answer: Yes!

First, through the API application programming interface of the smart vending machine, the operation unit can solve various problems remotely in real time, including: product management, inventory management, sales analysis, multiple payment, member management, marketing activities, customer service support, real-time price changes, etc., which can effectively reduce labor costs, logistics costs and product scrapping, and further achieve the goal of reducing carbon emissions .

Secondly, smart meters, sensors and other equipment can be installed on smart vending machines to record electricity, water and gas consumption, and further calculate carbon emissions, carbon emission intensity and other information to prepare carbon inventory reports.

On the basis of reducing carbon emissions and conducting carbon inventories, companies can set carbon reduction targets and take measures to achieve the goal of reducing carbon fees.

Image source: Ministry of Environment, freepik

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