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Application of Smart Vending Machines in ESG

Application of Smart Vending Machines in ESG

Application of smart vending machines in ESG :

In the face of the government’s 2050 “net zero emission policy” and increasingly stringent ESG requirements from international brands and export trade,

How should SMEs respond?

Let’s look at the application of smart vending machines in ESG and how they can help companies achieve sustainable development goals (SDGs)


Reduce paper usage: Issue electronic invoices to reduce consumption and pollution of forest resources.

Energy saving: With a centralized supply method, meals are prepared in a central kitchen and then distributed to smart vending machines in various locations, instead of having a kitchen in each store, saving energy.


Provide convenient services: 24-hour operation, all year round, making it convenient for consumers to purchase goods at any time.

Create employment opportunities: The research and development, manufacturing, and operation of smart vending machines can create employment opportunities.


Transparency: Improve transaction transparency by implementing online ordering and offline pickup, real-time price changes, coupons and other functions.

Sense of responsibility: Assist enterprises to fulfill their social responsibilities, such as donating electronic invoices to charity groups.

Smart vending machines are products that comply with the ESG spirit. They not only bring economic benefits to enterprises, but also reduce resource waste, reduce environmental pollution, and further achieve the goal of sustainable development of enterprises. Image source: Dreamstime , Executive Yuan

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