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Hope Alliance Consumer Cooperatives reach strategic cooperation

Grace Chou


Tianyi Industrial Chain Technology Co., Ltd. and Hope Alliance Consumer Cooperative reached a strategic cooperation

Tianyi Industrial Chain Technology Co., Ltd. and Hope Alliance Consumer Cooperative have reached a strategic cooperation, deploying 10,000 smart vending machines in three years to drive industrial development and make positive impacts and contributions to society and the environment.

Yang Ziyi, founder of Tianyi Industrial Chain Technology Co., Ltd., has spent eight years cultivating the field of smart retail and creating a new wave. He is the first person to open up the smart vending machine market in Taiwan through O2O. Through continuous modification and optimization, resource integration, and improved logistics, he has led the brand to break through growth bottlenecks and reduce waste with innovative thinking. His successful business model has attracted well-known brands such as KFC, Watsons, Taipei City Government, and Yannick to join the new smart retail track.

Industry collaboration to promote sustainable development is the key annual strategic goal of Tianyi Industrial Chain. Smart vending machine IOT is used to solve the pain points of industry staff shortage and increased operating costs, and to provide executable solutions for the dual-track transformation of digitalization and zero carbon. The development goals are highly consistent with the development goals of the Hope Alliance Consumer Cooperative.

Conscious consumption achieves co-creation, co-enrichment and co-sharing

Industrial-grade, high-specification smart vending machines provide consumers with a personalized, efficient, and high-quality shopping experience, thereby achieving the goal of conscious consumption. They provide partners with remote control troubleshooting, inventory management, and data analysis automation management to achieve co-creation, co-enrichment, and co-sharing.

Provide sales support for local products and services

Work together with the Hope Alliance Consumer Cooperative to provide sales support for member brand supply and marketing services such as local creation, small farmers returning home, and youth entrepreneurship, enrich the industrial ecology, jointly promote local specialty products, promote cooperative economic development, and drive community prosperity.

Best Practices for Sustainable Development Implementation

Multiple intelligent vending machines meet various demand scenarios, using intelligent systems to reduce energy consumption, provide convenient services, and effectively reduce the use of transportation, thereby reducing carbon emissions; the supply side improves management efficiency through data analysis, accurately predicts demand, reduces inventory waste, improves supply chain management, optimizes logistics efficiency, reduces carbon emissions in the internal and external supply chains of enterprises, achieves comprehensive emission reductions and improves corporate operating efficiency, and becomes the best solution for the implementation of sustainable development.

Tianyi Industrial Chain makes smart vending machines not only a new form of retail, but also an important tool to promote conscious consumption, support sales of local product supply and marketing services, and promote sustainable development.

Founder Yang Ziyi said: "This time we have reached a strategic cooperation with the Hope Alliance Consumer Cooperative. Tianyi expects to deploy 10,000 smart vending machines in three years to drive the coordinated development of the industry and make positive impacts and contributions to society and the environment."

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