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Evergreen's first smart vending machine debuts at Taichung Airport

Grace Chou


Tianyi Industrial Chain and Evergrande Group jointly cooperated to launch the first smart vending machine at Taichung Airport

Tianyi Industrial Chain Technology Co., Ltd. and Ever Rich have joined hands again to set up the first smart vending machine at Taichung Airport. This is another cooperation project of Tianyi Industrial Chain founder Kevin Yang after Taoyuan Airport.

The official launch of Starlux Airlines' Taichung route will not only provide more options for direct international flights for passengers in central Taiwan, but will also promote the prosperous development of tourism and business in the central region.

As an important window of international image, the airport is the first impression of Taiwan for international travelers. Ever Rich uses Tianyi Industrial Chain smart vending machines to provide modern, convenient and advanced services for passengers

Ever Rich's smart and innovative services showcase the modern image providing passengers at

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