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Founder's View

Introducing technology-based operational thinking into the food industry to drive retail smart innovation

Ernst & Young Fresh is a health brand under the Topco Group. In recent years, it has actively expanded the HealthCare industry. The Topco Group has been cultivating its advantages and core capabilities in the high-tech field for many years, strengthening the collection, analysis and application of retail data, and using smart technology and data analysis to better meet consumer needs and shopping experience, and enhance the efficiency and competitiveness of promoting the health industry.

Tianyi Industrial Chain recently negotiated with Ernst & Young Fresh Food, and learned that Ernst & Young Fresh Food is continuously expanding its health business and plans to spread the concept of healthy nutrition to more people. Founder Yang Ziyi said: " Tianyi Industrial Chain's industrial-grade smart vending machines use new forms of sales tools to lead brands out of stores and break the limitations of traditional sales models. They instantly meet consumer needs and develop new customers with the most intelligent, convenient and fast shopping experience. "

The new Executive Yuan cabinet personnel meeting was held on the morning of April 16. Prime Minister-designate Toh Jung-tai and Executive Yuan-designate Secretary-General Gong Ming-hsin presided over the meeting and announced the candidates for financial officials. They emphasized that this wave of announcements is "smart innovation" and announced that Topco Group (5434) Chairman Kuo Chih-hui will be hired as the 36th Minister of Economic Affairs of the Republic of China. In response to this, Tianyi Industrial Chain Founder Yang Ziyi expressed his congratulations: "In the past, Topco Group has made great achievements in technology and has also had leading concepts in the field of smart retail. This news is what the public expects and what the people want. I believe that Dr. Kuo Chih-hui will be able to bring results to Taiwan's economic transformation in the future!"

Tianyi Industrial Chain founder Yang Ziyi expressed his congratulations

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