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Industrial-grade grid-type room-temperature intelligent access cabinet

Room temperature smart vending machine, 32-inch touch screen, cabinet-opening access, external mountable

Industrial-grade grid-type room-temperature intelligent access cabinet


Height 198×width 138×depth 38 (mm), weight 120 kg (unloaded)


Power supply: AC110V, 60HZ

Normal temperature: 100W

Channel Information

36-grid flip-up door, the size of the content space can be customized

Approximate internal dimensions: 12.5 x 18.5 x depth 25 (cm)

Product Size

Various products can be placed according to the size of the space

Temperature control

Heating: 45℃ or above (maximum 65℃)


Must be used in series with the host

Basic equipment

Transparent display window, LED retrieval indicator light (optional hydrogen or ozone sterilization function)

Application Scenarios

Food-Business schools, examination centers, science and technology parks, medical institutions, confinement centers, food courts, supermarkets, shopping malls, breakfast shops, hand-shake drink shops

Clothes-Dry Cleaners, Laundromats

Accommodation, hotel and camping site room card collection, amenity sales, meal collection

Transportation hubs, highway rest stops, self-service car washes, gas stations, parking lots, charging stations

Fun-Parent-child center, amusement park, cinema, video arcade, claw machine store, tourist attraction

Others - Community mail parcels, drive-thru, meal delivery, group purchases, medical institutions, confinement centers, schools, commercial examination centers

The above-mentioned venues can all be applied to normal temperature products - O2O (online reservation/offline pickup), on-site sales (intercepting new customers, increasing the number of members), temporary storage/pickup/sale of items during non-business hours , reducing labor costs, dispersing waiting crowds, accelerating product turnover, and generating revenue.

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