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Industrial-grade 24-inch drop-type refrigerated smart vending machine

Refrigerated smart phone, 24-inch touch screen, drop-down access, external mountable

Industrial-grade 24-inch drop-type refrigerated smart vending machine


Height 199×width 135×depth 85.5 (cm), weight 330 kg (unloaded)


Power supply: AC220V, 60 HZ, Refrigeration compressor: Refrigeration 530W

Channel Information

8 cargo lanes, integrated warehouse lanes (crawler, spiral) (single track/double track optional), up to 6 layers

Product Size

Various bagged and boxed products according to the aisle configuration

Temperature control

Refrigeration: above 4℃ (can be set to a certain temperature)


CPU: Intel i3 or above industrial computer (Windows system)

Memory: 4G or above

Hard Drive: Solid State Drive (fast read/low damage rate)

Basic equipment

Infrared 24-inch multi-touch screen set (including speaker),

Automatic defogging transparent display window

Peripheral equipment


Credit card machine, three major ticket machines, thermal printer, Qrcode scanner, RFID card reader, 4G wireless Internet module (without sim card), mobile payment module

Proprietary system (optional)

Abnormal notification on mobile phone, dynamic Qrcode API redemption, membership card system API,

Dedicated inquiry APP, mobile web payment

Customized items

Hardware project modification, designated system integration, and function connection

Application Scenarios

Food-Business schools, examination centers, science and technology parks, medical institutions, confinement centers, food courts, supermarkets, shopping malls, breakfast shops, hand-shake drink shops

Clothes-Self-service Laundromat

Accommodation, camping sites

Transportation hubs, highway rest stops, self-service car washes, gas stations, parking lots, charging stations

Fun-Parent-child center, amusement park, cinema, video arcade, claw machine store, tourist attraction

Others - Community packages, drive-thru, delivery meals, group purchases

The above-mentioned venues can all be applied to refrigerated goods - O2O (online reservation/offline pickup) , on-site sales (intercepting new customers, increasing the number of members), temporary storage/pickup/sale of items during non-business hours , reducing labor costs, dispersing waiting crowds, accelerating product turnover, and generating revenue.

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